Diversional Therapy

Group LEISUREWhat is Diversional Therapy?

Diversional therapy is a client centred practice and recognises that leisure and recreational experiences are the right of all individuals.

Diversional therapy practitioners work with people of all ages and abilities to design and facilitate leisure and recreation programmes. Activities are designed to support, challenge and enhance the psychological, spiritual, social, emotional and physical wellbeing of individuals.

The Diversional Therapist provides opportunities where individuals may choose to participate in leisure and recreation activities which promote self-esteem and personal fulfilment. The Diversional Therapist facilitates individual client choice, decision making and participation when developing and managing recreational programmes.

What Do Diversional Therapists Do?

Diversional Therapist work with clients of all ages in a range of health, community and leisure settings, including:

  • Rehabilitation & hospital units
  • Community Centres
  • Day and Respite services
  • Aged Care Residential Facilities
  • Disability Services
  • Local Council
  • Outdoor Recreation and Camps
  • Ethnic Specific Services
  • Palliative Care Units and Outreach Programmes
  • Mental Health Services
  • Specialist Organisations

Our Diversional Therapist can work with individuals, organisations, or community groups to develop and support you to implement the following:

  • Individual Program
  • Group Programmes and Activities
  • Holiday Programmes
  • Health Promotion Activities
  • Programmes for people living in residential care, nursing homes and hostels or retirement villages
  • Programmes and activities for people living with mental illness
  • Programmes for people with disabilities
  • Programmes for carers focusing on stress management and self-care
  • Programmes for people with a terminal illness and their carers

Our Diversional Therapist will assess your individual or group needs and develop a tailor-made leisure and health action plan in consultation with you. You may then wish to engage our Diversional Therapist to provide advice, support and staff training to help implement your programme.

 Who do I see?

 Penny Antonopoulos is our Diversional Therapist and member of Diversional Therapy Australia.