yoga matWHAT IS IT?

Yoga is a form of exercise integrating movement with breath to bring about general health and wellbeing.  The term “yoga” is from Sanskrit, the language of Ancient India, meaning “union”.  Yoga refers to the union of body, mind and breath. The exercises are performed synchronizing body, mind and breath. This is what distinguishes yoga from other forms of exercise.


The benefits of yoga are physical through movement improving flexibility and  freeing up of the musculo-skeletal system. The breathing improves the physiology or function of the respiratory, nervous, immune and digestive systems. In the yoga practice we are also encouraged to keep focus or mindfulness on the movement and breath. This mindfulness has an overall relaxing effect.


I sleep more restful after a yoga class

  • I don’t get lower back pain like I used to.
  • My neck and shoulders are more relaxed
  • I love coming to yoga it helps put “me” back together again.
  • I seem to concentrate better at work.
  • I am not so tired when I keep up my yoga practice.
  • I seem to have more energy.
  • I don’t get colds and flus as often.
  • I feel lighter
  • It’s easier to eat well when I do yoga regularly.
  • I feel more tone and strength in my muscles.
  • I couldn’t touch my toes before doing yoga.
  • My asthma is better.
  • I don’t seem to worry about things as much as I used to.


  1. What type of yoga do you teach at  Vital Health Care Centre?
    Viniyoga which is a form of Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga refers to physical yoga using classical asana or poses. There are many traditions and practices of Hatha yoga. Viniyoga has the longest standing history of therapeutic application stemming from the teaching of Sri Krishnamacharya.
  2. I am not flexible, can I still do yoga? 
    Yes. Yoga is very adaptable to the individual. The use of props and support is always available to the student. In our classes we avoid sitting cross legged and headstands etc. The classes through general are kept small and personal.
  3. I have a back injury, so can I still do yoga? 
    Yes. The teacher at VHCC pays special attenttion to the needs of each individual. Each person works at their own pace. Viniyoga recognises that each of us is highly individual.
  4. I have been doing yoga for many years, can I still do yoga at VHCC? 
    By all means. The wonderful thing about yoga is the fact that the asanas are classical and you are able to go as far as your body, mind and breath allows you.
  5. I am wanting to learn to relax and meditate, do you teach meditation?
    Yes, we start the class with breathing and relaxation and at the end we do a short meditation and yoga nindra visualisation/body awareness relaxation and we alternate with pranayama practice (breathing exercise).
  6. What is the age group that you cater for?
    We cater for adults who are at any fitness level.


We have a number a facilitators depending on the class you attend at the Vital Health & Wellbeing Centre.

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