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Nutrition is the science of foods and the nutrients they contain. Nutrition includes the study of the actions of the nutrients within the body, including ingestion, digestion, absorption, transport, metabolism and excretion. Good nutrition is vital for good health and the prevention of diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and hypertension. Nutrition and dietetic principles are based on research, science and evidence based practice to improve health outcomes and reduce the risk of disease development and progression.

By assessing your current health status, plus your current nutritional intake, our Dietitian can assess if you are lacking (or getting excess of) certain nutrients that could be helping or hindering your health goals. Specific foods and/or nutrients may be recommended to address imbalances or to enhance your health.


The initial consultation will take one hour. Our Dietitian will collect data such as anthropometry, diet history, medical history including any symptoms you have, lifestyle history, energy requirements, plus client goals and needs. From this data an individual care plan, diet advice and meal planning will be designed specific to your needs. Time will also be dedicated to setting goals and developing strategies to achieve them. Further follow-up will be arranged depending on your individual needs. During your consultation you will also be provided with ideas, recipes and shopping tips to help you integrate what you have learned. Each consultation is an education session to help you to get the most out of what you eat, and to enjoy it too!

It is important that the Dietitian gets accurate data so wear comfortable clothes that can be lifted or removed to expose arms, legs and torso, for example singlets and shorts.

A follow up review appointment will take 45 minutes and will focus on goal achievements, test results, and changes to disease/condition status.

Communication between the Dietitian and your GP or other health professionals involved with your care may be required, however, confidentiality will be maintained and you will always be informed.


1.) Can I claim a rebate?

If you are on an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) as referred by your GP, you are entitled to 5 sessions with a Medicare rebate of $52.95 for each session. Private health fund rebates are dependent on your fund and HICAPS is available at the Vital Health Care Centre.

2.) Can I bring a family member or friend?
It is preferred that you attend the session by yourself and the person most involved with your health. This can include the primary shopper and cook. However, assessments and diet advice are designed on individual requirements. Family consultations will be considered if the family is working together to make a collective change.

3.) Will this diet advice help my friends and family?
Assessments, meal planning and diet advice is developed on an individual basis. There are no single diets that will meet everybody’s needs and it is therefore not always appropriate to give your diet plan to your friends or family.


Sarah O’Connor is Dietitian at Vital Health & Wellbeing Centre

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