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We offer psychology and counselling, diagnostic assessments, trauma-sensitive yoga, meditation, group therapy, diversional therapy, health education and more. Most our services are delivered online via telehealth. Our practice is based on a holistic, evidence based, person-centred approach. We recognise the uniqueness of each individual and provide a safe and nurturing environment where people can explore options, set goals, and work towards achieving wellness and balance in their lives.


Vital Health & Wellbeing Centre Assessment Services – Registered Psychologist providing Autism and ADHD assessment with no wait times!


To provide a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment where people can engage with support networks, at their own pace, and with no judgement.
To grow a Wellbeing Centre informed by research and people with lived experience.


We seek to be leaders in evidence based, holistic care,  to grow a community where all individuals have choice and equitable access to quality psychological and health services and supports.


Integrity….We are committed to being transparent and accountable in all that we do.

Inclusion…We are respectful of people’s diverse backgrounds, experiences and opinions and committed to cultural safety and equity.

Compassion….We are committed to listening with empathy and without judgement, valuing peoples lived experience.

Innovation….We are committed to finding solutions and striving for continuous improvement.

Choosing your Health Professional

Choosing a health professional may sound like a simple task, and most of us don’t put too much thought into who we see, as long as we can pop into our local medical centre and access a doctor. Long gone are the days when your local GP was your family GP, often seeing all family […]

Building your Business Capacity – Affordable Private Practice

Are you a health professional looking for a space to deliver your services? Are you interested in co-locating within a reputable business where you can network with a multi-disciplinary team of health & wellbeing professionals? Is affordability and sustainability important for you? If you have answered yes to these questions Vital Health has opportunities for […]

How a public happy face can hide serious symptoms of Depression

Do you or somoene you love and care for experience symptoms of depression? Do you put on your public happy face in the morning and hide your deeper feelings of sadness or despair? With suicide rates at a 10 year high and  a reported 25% increase in suicide between 2011 and 2015 (Australian Bureau of […]